Kazakhstan border became a wall for Turkish exporters

International Transporters Association (UND) stated that Kazakhstan did not issue a transit document for export shipments from Turkey to Central Asia, and for this reason, 26 thousand shipments and 3 billion dollars of exports could not be made annually.

UND Board Members Fatih Şener and Fırat Başbilen went to Ankara on 28 June to protest Kazakhstan, which prevented transportation by laying black wreaths in front of the Kazakhstan Consulate and setting up barriers in front of export products.

In their written statement, UND stated that Kazakhstan imposed the condition of coming by ship instead of issuing a transit document by land, and said, “Kazakhstan also gave the limited amount of Transit pass permit document to Turkish vehicles, not by land via Russia, but by RO-RO via Azerbaijan, which costs about 3,500 dollars more Due to the rising logistics cost, the export chance of Turkish products is decreasing,” he said.

“The Turkish side has fulfilled its commitment”

Pointing out that in the January-May period of 2021, Turkish transporters transported 3,701 units to Kazakhstan, and Kazakh transporters transported 1,189 units, UND said, “According to these figures, Turkish transporters gave their jobs to Kazakh transporters in order to obtain a permit for their vehicles, and the Turkish side agreed to the agreement. He has been entitled to receive 4,750 bilateral pass certificates, not 4,000 for the first 6 months, by fulfilling the commitment he has made,” he added.

UND’s demands for the solution of the problem are as follows:

  • A total of 4,750 documents, including 750 well-deserved additional and 4,000 bilateral transfer documents committed for the second 6 months, should be issued urgently.
  • Kazakhstan should allow vehicles to transit via Russia.
  • The requirement to come by ship, which is not applied by any country in the world to another country, should be removed.

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