Worried about delta, Europe imposes new restrictions on British

Due to the delta variant of Kovid-19, Portugal and Spain have started to impose new restrictions on visitors from the UK.

It was stated that the German government insisted on a joint EU-wide decision on visitors from the UK.

While the latest decisions taken by EU countries and rapidly changing rules confused holidaymakers, the restrictions imposed in tourism at a time when the summer season started to get active created disappointment in the tourism sector. Shares of airlines, including Ryanair Holdings, fell after the decisions were made.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel suggested that all EU countries should cooperate closely and be more careful about allowing foreign travelers to enter.

German Chancellor’s Spokesman Steffen Seibert said the government has no current plans to change the rules regarding visitors from various regions, and that the regulations in force are already “very strict”.

Hong Kong also bans all flights from the UK

Except for EU countries, China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region announced that it has decided to ban passenger flights from the UK as of July 1.

According to the news of The Strait Times, Hong Kong, which has loosened the measures for travelers from many countries of the world, bans all flights from the UK, which it categorizes as an “extremely high risk” country.

It was stated that the decision was taken due to the latest epidemic situation in the UK, the spreading delta variant and the L452R variant being seen in some passengers from the UK.

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