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Eliminating Double Chin Is A Breeze With 5 Facial Exercises!

Even if you gain the slightest of weight, there are some parts that show up instantly, chin area being one of them! All the beauty of your face fades away due to that ugly double chin. Once it happens, it becomes extremely difficult to get rid of. But with facial yoga, it is possible! Practice these facial yoga poses daily and eliminate your double chin easily.

1. Chin Up: Stand & keep the spine straight, tilt your head in the backward direction and keep your face towards the wall ceiling. Pretend to kiss the ceiling and hold onto this position for a few seconds. Repeat 10-15 times.

2. Fish Exercise: Sit straight in a place and suck your cheeks & lips resembling a fish. Try to suck as much as possible so that there is no air left inside your mouth. Now, move your head to left-right-up-down. Stay in the position and repeat the exercise 4-5 times.

3. Cheek Lift: Smile as wide as you can to fix the double chin issue. Strain the cheek muscles and hold on to this for about 10-15 seconds. 5-10 times in a day is a good number to repeat.

4. Rolling The Neck: Get a perfectly toned chin & jawline with this exercise. Stand or sit straight in a place and start bending the face in one direction. Turn your head slowly in circular motions. Continue this for about 5 minutes.

5. Jaw Release Exercise: Sit in a place and start your mouth movement like you are chewing something. Keep your lips closed during the process. Now open your mouth wide, pressing the tongue to the bottom of the teeth. Hold on for 5 seconds & repeat.


To get that perfect jawline and make the face look slim, facial yoga is the best remedy to choose from all the possible options.

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